Jive Software

Visual Design, User Experience Design, Front-end Development August 2011–November 2013

Jive is the leading provider of modern communication and collaboration solutions for business. Their products apply powerful technology that helps employees, partners and customers work better together.

Initially my role at Jive was focused solely on data design. I was hired to educate users and help them understand community health, see collaboration trends, and to have a more tangible representation of the value Jive provides. Eventually I went on to redesign Jive's social search experience and to lead design for a complete rearchitecting of their collaboration software.


Christopher Rivard - Product Management & Product Design, Mike Camacho - Product Management & Product Design

Social Search

Jive tasked me with redesigning their search experience. They were working on a project to have social impact considered as a relevancy criteria for ranking search results. There were secondary problems around the distinct constructs (content, people, and places) in Jive. Due to technical constraints we were unable to return a single list of results composed of all constructs. For this reason, we added a construct facet to the search results. This allowed for the main results to be focused on a single construct (in this case content), but to fold in the other two constructs in a non-intrusive way.

Impact Metrics

The business problem for this feature was to illustrate why using Jive is better than mass email. This report is designed to inform a user of the impact and reach of their content. This project was particularly interesting because a business decision was made to make this information visible to all users. Because of this the feature began to evolve from an education tool into a social acclaim tool.