Interaction Design, User Experience Design, Front-end Development February 2010–July 2011

Webtrends is recognized as one of the founders of the web analytics industry. Webtrends offers data-driven solutions that help marketers better understand their customers in order to increase engagement and inspire action.

Possibly the most formative point in my career. I learned so much from this team. This was my first experience working with a larger, established design team. My focus at Webtrends was on interaction design for their Analytics and Segmentation products.


Justin Garrity (UX Director), Ryan Parr, (Interaction Design), David Stewart (Visual Design), Allison Keene (Engineer), Nick Fedoroff (Content & Interaction Design), Fabrice Tatieze (Engineer), Rob Derstadt (Engineer)

Segment Discovery

My first task at Webtrends was working with the rest of design team to redesign and rearchitect their segmentation product. Much of the visual design was already in place when I started. The remaining work was focused on building and fine tuning the experience. I was responsible for the Discovery portion of the experience.

Segment Discovery encourages disovery through exploration. For this reason I focused my efforts on taking something that could be seen as tedius and instead making it fun, fast, and enjoyable.

Analytics 10

Analytics 10 was a reimagining of Webtrend's core product. It introduced new visualizations, campaigns, and new patterns for the organization of projects.